Jogging – The cheapest exercise


One of the most natural form of exercise one could ever know is jogging. A 30 minutes of jog regularly can keep you super fit. It has been one of the most famous and oldest forms of aerobic exercise. The best part about it is – it’s free, you don’t require anything specific to get start with.

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Benefits of Jogging


Helps you to lose weight

In 30 minutes of Jog, you can roughly burn 180-250 calories and if you cut your calories intake by 250 calories, total calories that you are losing in one day is 500. One pound is equal to 3500 calories so by these tactics you can lose one pound in one week. That’s true.

Increase Life expectancy

According to research done by Copenhagen City Heart Study, male jogger live 6.2 years longer than male non-jogger and female jogger live 5.6 years longer than female non-jogger.

Improve your Mental fitness

Every physical activity improves your mental fitness whether it is Yoga or Gym or Swimming. While doing jogging our body release hormone called endorphins that trigger a positive feeling in the body. This feeling is called “Runner’s High”. It makes you feel better and more energized.

Lower Blood Pressure

Jogging on a daily basis makes your heart stronger and a stronger heart can easily pump more blood with less effort. conclusively when your heart works less to pump blood and the force on your arteries decreases that lead to lower your blood pressure.

Prevent and Control Diabetes

Jogging can help you to control and prevent diabetes. Specifically, the most common diabetes type-2 – can occur due to many causes and some of them are overweight, obesity, physical inactivity, Insulin Resistance. If you are staying physically active, you have fewer chances of  Type-2 diabetes. Also, when you exercise your muscles cells use more glucose hence your glucose level comes to down.

Makes you more gregarious

Yes, it does. People these days do not tend to move out of their rooms more appropriately phones. Let alone the society, people hardly know their neighbours. But this (jogging) can make you social. And when we say social, we mean real social and not the Fb or Insta or twitter social.


Kick-start now


Now when you know the factual benefits of jogging. Let’s now understand the ways to kick-start it.  So… how do you prepare for jogging? Here are some generic suggestions you can follow if you feel like-

  • Invest in good shoes.


Jogging shoes


  • Start by walk
  • Warm up and stretch your body then start gradually.





  • Make a schedule and maintain your routine.
  • Track your record and upgrade yourself day by day.




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Be fit. Be healthy.


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