Content Writing Assessment




  1. Test is uploaded on 31st December, 2018.
  2. Total time designated for the test is 6 days.
  3. The test consists of different topics related to fitness. All the candidates have been allotted a topic each.
  4. Take reference of blogs, contents, pattern from our blogs at (You might write better than already existing blogs, so don’t limit yourself to the nature of our existing blogs. Go beyond)
  5. “Use pictures. It’s worth a thousand words.”
  6. “Use videos. It’s worth a ten thousand words.”
  7. You can give external links to other authentic websites like wikipedia etc in any case required.
  8. Internal links to the previous blogs on website also is a good practice of blogging.
  9. You can change the language of the topic if need be, though the meaning should be same,
    e.g. – Matrices in Nutrition can be changed to something like – the nutrition scale.
  10. You’ll have to choose your keywords, slugs, title, meta description, take care of other SEO stuff very wisely along with a good readable and simple meaningful researched content.
  11. You are free to use any source on the internet, provided it is legit and trustworthy. Fitness is really serious, you won’t want to give a wrong advice to someone.
  12. We expect you to send your content along with keywords, slugs, title, meta description in a word document via mail at
  13. We will consider only one mail per candidate. No revisions- so be sure before sending.
  14. Very importantly, subject your mail as- Viayam Content Writer Internship Assessment.
  15. We have given enough days for you to write a well versed and optimised content. Looking forward to wonderful writings.
  16. You are allowed to use any tool for checking your SEO and content optimisation.
  17. The content should be original in terms of language used. Be sure it doesn’t fails the plagiarism test for 60% originality.
  18. To be a part of the core team, we not only need skills but also a character. Be creative, be unique. Put all your colours in here.
  19. Word limit would be around 300-400 words.
  20. Please mind,

    We won’t accept any solution after – 05/01/2019, 11:59 PM